About Me

If you want to learn German I'm here for you

Mein Name ist Kristina Day, freut mich Sie kennenzulernen - pleased to meet you!


I’m your online German tutor and as for my qualifications when it comes to teaching?


Here’s a little about me: 

I'm a German native speaker, born in the North of Germany where they speak the best German. 😀


I've lived in Bremen and Hamburg, where people speak the best grammar and a neutral "high German" accent.


I then moved to Munich in the South of Germany, because the weather is better, the mountains are closer and hey, the world's biggest annual festival is held there - the Oktoberfest.

It was here that I felt I found my calling when I started to teach.


I love being there for people, tailoring their classes to what they actually need and find interesting.


I love explaining grammar clearly and simply, however complex.


And I love teaching everyday, practical language that my students can use straight away.


I'm now based in London, England, and have over 20 years teaching experience.


In my classes there's always a lot of practice  - Sprache comes from sprechen (the word “language" in German comes from the word “speaking")!


There's also always a lot of laughter - learning should be enjoyable and fun!