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Learn to Speak German Like a Native.

Become fluent and confident.

Understand real-life conversations and movies. 

Does this resonate with you?


Have you been learning German for a while but you find that you can’t follow real-life conversations in German? 

You’d like to watch German films, the news and TV programmes but they're too fast and full of words and expressions that you don't understand?


You'd like to read books but they too have so many new words and phrases that nobody has ever taught you and it's so frustrating to look them all up?

This is because you’ve been learning "course book speak" and that isn’t what's actually spoken by German native speakers.

Well, I’m a German native speaker and I’d like to show you the best way to learn how to speak like a native.


I'd like to teach you real, authentic German words and phrases.


And more than that, I'd like to practice them with you so that you can use them with confidence. 

So - are you an intermediate student ready to make the jump from "course book speak" to Real Talk? Na, dann los!

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Academy Main Benefits

The Academy consists of:

Film Clips

Watch movie clips with subtitles. They are fun and use modern authentic German. I then "decode" and explain the language and practice it with you. So you will actually get to speak German and practice the words and phrases straight away.


A great number of dedicated grammar videos, with exercise sections for you to speak and practice.


Plus downloadable  written exercises.


Teaching videos on:

  • every day life phrases 

  • the World of Work like job interviews, language for meetings

  • how to do Small Talk in German

and much more

Simply German's

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Here's What You'll Get Inside the Academy

Clips from German films 

Fun to watch and teaching you authentic German 

  • Subtitles 

under each line of dialogue - I’ll make sure you’re never lost. 

  • Transcripts 

of the clips in writing so you can read up on them.  

  • Analysis

of HOW things were said, and I’ll explain the phrases you should be stealing! 

  • Practice 

there and then, so you'll get to use what you've learned

  • Watch 

the whole clip again without interruptions to get used to German at real speed.

SimplyGerman's Online Academy film clips

German Grammar

I love explaining German grammar!


There are lots of video lessons on different grammar topics. For examples:

  • the difference between in and im

  • how to use the three words for to: in, zu, and nach

  • modal particles: their meanings and how to use them

  • all the meanings of doch

  • three words for when: wenn, wann, and als

  • word order 

  • difference between sollen and sollten 

  • and so much more.

Every video comes with lots of 

  • Practice 

to make sure you have understood the grammar and are able to sue it correctly and with confidence.


SimplyGerman's Online Academy grammar
Small Talk

Doing Small Talk in German

What topics are safe? How to start a conversation? How to keep it going?  

Some topics we cover:

  • Introductions: .

I think we haven't met yet, nice to meet you, how is it going, how has your day been etc

  • Weather 

too hot, too cold... 

  • The situation you find yourself in:

e.g. at an event, at a party 

  • Work 

small talk with colleagues 

  • Compliments 

how to talk about nice things you've noticed on the other person  

SimplyGerman's Online Academy small talk
Welt der Arbeit

The World of Work

How German is spoken at work.

  • Job Interview

what questions to expect and how you can answer them in German to help you be totally prepared, culturally as well as language-wise.


  • Meetings

specific phrases and words you can use in meetings at work to sound more professional  


SimplyGerman's Online Academy Welt der A

Phrases for Everyday Life 

  • Introduce yourself

properly in German(y) - formally with Sie and informally with du, in business and in private

  • Come in, sit down, can I offer you a drink? 

and how to accept one.  

  • Practice

I'll get you to practice remembering and saying the phrases out loud.

Really practical everyday stuff so you can feel confident you are getting these first interactions right. 

SimplyGerman's Online Academy Alltagsdeu
Does the Academy actually work? Do people like it?


But don't just take my word for it :)  Here is what other people say about my video lessons.

Sonila V.

O my God ! What a useful video I've seen?

I am so excited to say that you are THE BEST .

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hug for you 

Clive T.

Kristina, die beste Deutschlehrerin in der Welt!

S Lee

Like your explanation. Very clear. And I really like that I get to say the words or sentences before you give the demonstration. Thank you for the lessons! 

Egesta B.

Ich gratuliere Ihnen für Ihre Arbeit - ist eine der besten, die ich gesehen habe.

Haselina B.

Your videos are very helpful, Danke :)

Howard H.

Thank you so much. So clear... it is wonderful.

Fiona M.

Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. They are so helpful!

Dennim Jeans

Oh my gosh you are a really good teacher!!!!! I finally get it thanks to you DANKE SCHÖN

Khalym B.

Thanks for the awesome content! 

Tom M.

Thank you, very clear and helpful teachings!!! 

I believe the Akademie is quite a unique programme

If you want to

                                               live and work in Germany, 

                                                                                             find your dream job, 

               chat with natives,

                                                    earn their respect,

                                                                                     integrate and make friends,

                                               contribute in meetings, 

                get a promotion, 

                                                                                     be an asset to your company

and achieve exactly what it is that YOU want to do with your German -


then I designed the Academy for you. Your online German t


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