Speak German.

Get more fluent. More confident.

Immerse yourself.  

Immerse yourself in the German Experience for one whole day.

Speak it. Learn it. Play it. Taste It.

The German Language  Experience 

For all Intermediate Students

Speak it.

Talk with a native speaker. Practice all day long. Speak with other learners, make friends, keep practicing long after the day.

Learn it.

Understand grammar. Easy to follow explanations. Apply what you've learned immediately.

Play it.

Play traditional German board games, role-plays, team games. Move around, have fun. 

Taste it.

Try a variety of delicious German food from Knödel to Lebkuchen. 

Turbo charge your German.

Have fun in the process.


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German Language Experience  
Increase Your Confidence
German Language Experience  
Exercises, Games, and Lots of Speaking Practice
German Language Experience  
Suitable for Learners of All Ages
German Language Experience  
Topics of the day tailored to your specific questions and interests
German Language Experience  
Make friends with fellow German enthusiasts. Keep the practice going long after the day.
German Language Experience  
Experience German culture with music, food, and films

Are you an Intermediate Student of German?

Then you'll love the German Language Experience

Increase your confidence and fluency

Speak, listen, play, and practice German throughout the day.


Improve your pronunciation 

Communicate more clearly

Increase your accuracy

Clear grammar explanations and immediate practice


Applying modern teaching methodology, the day will be completely interactive throughout. Taught in a small group, you'll get unparalleled access to the tutor and individual attention.



Tuition will be tailored to your actual needs and interests, your business sector, and personal requests. Ask all your questions you can't get answered elsewhere. 


Surround yourself with German. We will listen to German music, and watch TV and film extracts.


Meet fellow German language enthusiasts

Make friends and keep the practice going long after the day.



>> Clear grammar explanations and immediate practical applications

>> Exercises

>> Games

>> Speaking throughout

>> Interaction with the tutor, personal attention 

>> Q&A sessions

>> Roleplays

>> Reading

>> Listening

>> German radio, film extracts, TV, music

>> More speaking

>> Explanation of German culture and business etiquette

Please note:


The German Language Experience will not be taught in a traditional classroom environment but take place in an informal setting and include movement, fun, and laughter, and lots of variety.


A day of learning, improving, and revitalising your German.

The Teacher
Mein Name ist Kristina Day, freut mich!

Nice to meet you.

I’m your German tutor. 

I'm a German native speaker. I have lived both in the North and the South of Germany and I have over 20 years experience teaching German to adults.

I love being there for my students,

tailoring their classes,

getting them to speak,

and making grammar easily accessible. 

If you want to learn German I'm here for you. 

Any Questions? Ask  me.

Who should sign up?

You should sign up if you

>> Are an intermediate student of German and beginners courses are too basic for you

>> Want personal attention with a top German language coach  

>> Have specific questions relating to grammar, pronunciation, or your business or industry 

>> Are a German language enthusiast, keen to speak, learn and share with others 

Are you an Intermediate Student?

You are an Intermediate Student if you

>> Have been learning German for at least a year

>> Know the perfect tense, the accusative case and the dative case  

>> Know about 1000 words 

>> Are able talk about what you did last weekend in basic terms

Test your German. Are you Intermediate?


With answer is correct?


What do the sentences mean in English?

  1. Ich brauche jetzt ein/eine/einen Kaffee.

  2. Kann ich kurz Ihr/Ihre/Ihren Stift leihen bitte?

Please write briefly what you did last weekend:


Was haben Sie letztes Wochenende gemacht?

With answer is correct?


What do the sentences mean in English?

  1. Wir haben/sind gestern schön essen gegangen/gegingen/gegehen.

  2. Es hat/habt/ist sehr schwer ausgesieht/ausgesehen/geaussehen aber es war ganz leicht.


Cancellations/refund policy

  • Cancellations up to 7 days before the Event are eligible for a refund minus a 20% admin charge.

  • Cancellations received less than 7 days before the Event will not receive a refund. 

  • In the event that the German Experience Day does not run a full refund will be given.

  • Cancellations must be notified in writing by email to info@simplygerman.com 

  • Simply German cannot accept responsibility for unforeseen changes in a participant's circumstances that may prevent attendance.

  • Simply German reserves the right to cancel the Event, or refuse entry to a participant. In such case, a full refund will be given.

Your Online German Tutor

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