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Going somewhere? Don't use "zu"!


three words for

"(Going) to"

How to use in, nach, and zu correctly

with lots of practice

German grammar | 3 words for "(going) to": in, zu, or nach?

German grammar | 3 words for "(going) to": in, zu, or nach?
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how to use nach
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how to use nach

use the word "in" to mean "to"
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use the word "in" to mean "to"

how to use zu
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how to use zu


Did you know German has

3 words for "when"

How to use als, wenn, and wann

with lots of practice.

German grammar | 3 word for "when:" how to use als, wann, and wenn

German grammar | 3 word for "when:" how to use als, wann, and wenn
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how to use wann
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how to use wann

how to use als
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how to use als

how to use wenn correctly
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how to use wenn correctly


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word order

in 8 videos

German grammar | Word Order

German grammar | Word Order
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Word Order Intro: avoid the most common mistake
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Word Order Intro: avoid the most common mistake

Verb Kickers! Overview
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Verb Kickers! Overview

Where to put verbs, objects, "nicht" and everything else in a German sentence



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Kristina, die beste Deutschlehrerin in der Welt!

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Very clear.

Like your explanation. Very clear. And I really like that I get to say the words or sentences before you give the demonstration. Thank you for the lessons! 

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Ich gratuliere Ihnen für Ihre Arbeit - ist eine der besten, die ich gesehen habe.

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What is


in this German grammar course?

Chapter 1

als, wann, wenn

Rules and interactive exercises for the 3 German words for "when". 

  • Quiz time

  • Test yourself

  • Mix it up

Chapter 2

German Word order

How to avoid the most common mistake students make

Where the verbs go

Where other elements go

Direct objects

Where to put nicht

chapter 3

in, nach, zu

Why zu is rarely the right German word for "to"

What to use instead

Clear rules, practice and quizzes

Chapter 4

Modal particles

Understand the meaning of

doch, wohl, mal and more

How to use particles to sound more German 

bonus chapter

common mistakes

in or im?

sollen or sollten?

Herr or Herrn?

Get clear on the difference, get practice on using the words correctly.



Get answers.

How much is the course Tricky German Made Easy?

Videos are individually priced. Most are $1.99

Is the course for me?

If you have been studying German for a while and want to improve your grammatical accuracy then this course is for you. It is aimed at Upper Beginner/Lower Intermediate students, level A2 and up.

Is the course for beginners? 

This course is not aimed at absolute beginners. It covers grammar topics from level A2 (Upper Beginner/Lower Intermediate) onwards.

How much time do I need to complete the course?

The course is organised in bite sized chunks. Each videos is under 5 minutes long. Each chapter includes lots of practice such as translation exercises and quizzes.

Who teaches this course?

Kristina is a German native speaker and has been teaching German as a foreign language for over 20 years. In that time she has seen that students struggle with the same grammar points again and again and has developed several easy hacks that you will not find anywhere else.

Is it just grammar?

No, the course will get you to use the grammar to make lots of phrases from real life everyday situations - the way German is spoken in Germany today. 

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