Based on over two decades of teaching, this book answers the most common questions that I always get in class.


  • How to say words that are common in English but tricky in German such as how to say "to finish", "to change", and how to say "Let's..."

  • All the different meanings of noch, one of the most confusing words in German 

  • Plus, the most common mistakes all my students make and what to say instead.


Little Black Phrasebook

All phrases are real, authentic everyday-life German, not "course book speak".


This eBook has 7 pages of phrases, explanations, and examples of how to use the phrases in context. Plus 3 pages of exercises to help you test what you've retained.  

What you'll get:

10 page eBook

7 pages of phrases, plus 3 pages of exercises

Learn how to do Small Talk in German today

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