What you'll get:

25 page Phrase eBook

plus 16 pages of exercises

How to do Small Talk in German

A Practice Phrase Book

What to say and how to say it

when making small talk in German 

Providing you with a large number of everyday sentences for different situations.  

  • What to say when meeting someone for the first time

  • How to ask questions to keep the conversation going

  • How to make small talk at a party or an event you're at

  • How to react saying things like "Oh, I see", "I agree" etc.

  • and much more 


All phrases are real, authentic everyday-life German, not "course book speak".


This eBook has 25 pages of phrases plus 16 pages of exercises. The extensive practice section is to help you test what you've retained.  

Some of the Topics covered:

General small talk topics

  • Talk about your city or town

  • an event you're at

  • the weather

  • how to say come in, sit down

  • how to offer someone a drink

  • invite someone for coffee 

  • and much more - both formally (using Sie) and informally (using du)

  • How to get chatting at a party

  • Ways to say “I see”, "I agree", and other ways to react

  • How to talk about the weekend

Small talk with colleagues at the office

  • Have you found us ok?

  • Is this your first time here?

  • How was the flight?

  • and much more


An extensive interactive

Practice Section

Learn how to do Small Talk in German today

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