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The GERMAN ACADEMY for Business

We teach your employees

German language and business culture 

so they can integrate,

be more efficient and become a greater asset to your company 

Does this resonate with you?


  • Your employees are highly trained but they don’t know enough German to communicate clearly or understand all the details of what is required from them?

  • They are highly motivated but lack an understanding of German business culture?

  • They are willing to give their best but lack confidence, cannot contribute fully in meetings, or represent your company professionally? 


We at SimplyGerman have been teaching German language and business culture to employees in large London-based companies for over 20 years.


Established 1999, we are one of London’s most respected language schools. 


Trusted by these companies

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We are now offering our teaching expertise in an online programme: 

SimplyGerman's ACADEMY

Our Online Academy consists of a variety of high quality, interactive teaching videos, grouped into various units:


Teaching videos on:

  • how to introduce yourself in a business situation

  • how to make small talk with colleagues at the office

  • German business culture

  • how to use formal vocabulary specifically for business meetings

  • and more


All videos contain interactive exercises where students get to speak and practice what they’ve learned right inside the videos.


A great number of dedicated grammar videos on all the topics that students typically need help with, ranging in difficulty from beginners to advanced.

Topics such as

  • word order

  • the accusative case

  • modal particles

  • subordinating conjunctions...

With exercise sections for speaking practice.


Plus downloadable  written exercises.

Film Clips

Teaching modern, authentic German, showing students how German is actually spoken - at real speed, with colloquial expressions.


The teaching videos then "decode" and explain the language used and practice newly learned words and expression right inside the video. This helps students make the leap to understanding “real” German. 

Plus, written transcripts  and written exercises.

Live tutoring

Monthly group lessons via skype with an experienced native German teacher. These classes are included at no additional cost.

In these live classes students have a chance to

  • practice speaking

  • increase fluency and confidence

  • chat to a native speaker and interact with each other 

  • ask their questions

  • improve their pronunciation


The classes also provide accountability as well as support for the students to ensure they continue their own regular learning online.

The Online Format


Students choose the videos and topics that are relevant and interesting for them.

This means they

  • learn more quickly 

  • feel more motivated 

  • enjoy the study material

  • and retention rates are higher 

Watch this 3 min video to find out how the Academy works

We're Different


We're not just another online course. Our videos are not computer generated.


We feature real teachers who interact with students like in real life, making students feel that they’re learning from a human being. 

Some feedback from our students:

Sonila V.

O my God ! What a useful video I've seen?

I am so excited to say that you are THE BEST .

I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hug for you 

Clive T.

Kristina, die beste Deutschlehrerin in der Welt!

S Lee

Like your explanation. Very clear. And I really like that I get to say the words or sentences before you give the demonstration. Thank you for the lessons! 

Egesta B.

Ich gratuliere Ihnen für Ihre Arbeit - ist eine der besten, die ich gesehen habe.

Haselina B.

Your videos are very helpful, Danke :)

Howard H.

Thank you so much. So clear... it is wonderful.

Fiona M.

Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. They are so helpful!

Dennim Jeans

Oh my gosh you are a really good teacher!!!!! I finally get it thanks to you DANKE SCHÖN

Khalym B.

Thanks for the awesome content! 

Tom M.

Thank you, very clear and helpful teachings!!! 

Try the Academy now, risk free. No tie-in and no long term contracts. Cancel any time. 



Monthly contracts:

There is no minimum contract length. Payment is on a monthly basis. Cancel anytime and pay only for that month. 

Try the Academy risk-free.


We are confident you and your employees will see the benefits. 

If it's not a good fit for you simply cancel any time. You will only be charged for that month. 

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For 1-5 students 

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€ 149 per month

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Why choose us?

  • Our classes are taught by real humans, not computer generated

  • Our monthly fees are all inclusive: live tutoring with native speaker tutors included at no extra cost

  • Sign up is risk free. We charge monthly only for what you use. No long term contracts and no tie-ins. Cancel any time.


Join the Academy today.

 The Academy's main benefits:

Clips from German films 

Teaching authentic German - and fun to watch 

  • Subtitles 

under each line of dialogue 

  • Transcripts 

of the clips in writing 

  • Analysis

of HOW things were said (not just WHAT)

  • Practice 

there and then, inside each video

  • Watch 

the whole clip again without interruptions to get used to German at real speed.

SimplyGerman's Online Academy film clips

German Grammar

Lots of dedicated video lessons on all the difficult grammar topics. For examples:

  • the difference between in and im

  • how to use the three words for to: in, zu, and nach

  • modal particles: their meanings and how to use them

  • all the meanings of doch

  • three words for when: wenn, wann, and als

  • word order 

  • difference between sollen and sollten 

  • and so much more.

Every video comes with lots of 

  • Practice 

to make sure you have understood the grammar and are able to use it correctly and with confidence.


SimplyGerman's Online Academy grammar
Small Talk

Doing Small Talk in German

What topics are safe? How to start a conversation? How to keep it going?  

Some topics we cover:

  • Introductions: .

I think we haven't met yet, nice to meet you, how is it going, how has your day been etc

  • Weather 

too hot, too cold... 

  • The situation you find yourself in:

e.g. at an event, at a party 

  • Work 

small talk with colleagues 

  • Compliments 

how to talk about nice things you've noticed on the other person  

SimplyGerman's Online Academy small talk
Welt der Arbeit

The World of Work

How German is spoken at work.

  • Job Interview

what questions to expect, how to answer them in German, helping you be totally prepared, culturally as well as language-wise.


  • Meetings

specific phrases and words to use in meetings at work to sound more professional  


SimplyGerman's Online Academy Welt der A

Phrases for Everyday Life 

  • Introduce yourself

properly in German(y) - formally with Sie and informally with du, in business and in private

  • Come in, sit down, can I offer you a drink? 

and how to accept one.  

  • Practice

I'll get you to practice remembering and saying the phrases out loud.

Really practical everyday stuff so you can feel confident you are getting these first interactions right. 

SimplyGerman's Online Academy Alltagsdeu
Live Class

Live Tutoring with Speaking Practice

Once a month there is a live class, screen to screen, on skype/zoom.

  • Speaking Practice

Talk with a native speaker, become more fluent and more confident. 

  • Answering Questions

  • Practice correct pronunciation  

  • Recordings

These classes are always recorded, available later at any time.  

SimplyGerman's Online Academy live class Your online German t

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