The Only 4 German Books I Recommend

After teaching German for 21 years, these are the only 4 German study books I regularly use in class and recommend for beginners. 

Willkommen is a German study book that is very well structured. I found that structure is key when learning a complex language like German.


The book is designed for self study and covers useful topics such as asking for directions, reading a menu and ordering in a restaurant, talking about your daily routine, how to ask for someone on the phone and much more.

Willkommen 1 starts at the very beginning. If you are an intermediate student you can safely go straight to Willkommen 2.

How to do Small Talk in German

Learn German is an audio book aimed at beginners. There are very few courses based on listening that are suitable for beginners so this is a rarity. Practicing listening is crucial so you can get used to hearing and understanding German when it is spoken.  The course offers plenty of opportunities to speak as well. 

How to do Small Talk in German is a practice phrase book with a large number of everyday phrases. Situations covered are


How to make small talk at a party or an event you're at

How to react and say things such as "Oh, I see?" or "I agree."

How to ask question to keep the conversation going.

All phrases are real authentic German and not "course book speak".


This eBook has 25 pages of phrases plus 16 pages of exercises. 

Learning German with short stories can make all the difference - it's entertaining and fun. Most books overstretch the beginner with too many new words and difficult grammar constructions but Cafe in Berlin is accessible for an advanced beginner or lower intermediate level.